What should I bring to drug rehab in Maryland?

Preparing for a stay in rehab to treat an addiction to drugs or alcohol can feel overwhelming.  At Phoenix Recovery Center, we understand that this is a challenging process, so we want to reassure you that most of what you’ll need will be provided to you here at our facility in Harford County, Maryland.  We have spacious, well-lit bedrooms with large closets and adjoining bathrooms.  We also have laundry facilities and excellent dining facilities where you will be served three nutritious meals every day.  Because your stay here is 4 weeks long, you won’t need to bring much with you.  So try not to worry too much and instead seek to embrace the simplicity of your time here.  This time is all about you and your recovery.  It’s helpful to give yourself wholeheartedly to the process in order to emerge from rehab successfully.

When packing for your stay at Phoenix Recovery Center, here are the items we recommend you bring:

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7 to 10 days of casual, season appropriate clothing, as well as a comfortable pair of walking shoes

Photo ID, insurance cards, pharmacy cards

Personal hygiene products (preferably alcohol-free), sunscreen, glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, and any current prescription medications (enough for four weeks)

Recovery-related reading materials, photos that provide comfort and a sense of home, a journal, stamps, envelopes, black pens, and a highlighter

$30-to-$40 in cash for a weekly store run and, if you smoke, unopened packs of cigarettes (enough for 4 weeks)

You should not bring the following items to your stay in rehab:

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Cameras, cell phones, mp3 players, laptops, electronic games, or clock radios

Blankets, pillows, towels, stuffed animals, candles, or incense

Food and beverages of any kind

Provocative clothing, expensive jewelry, nail polish, nail polish remover, body sprays, cologne, perfume, hair spray, electric razors, or hair/beard clippers

Any non-recovery reading materials, such as novels, magazines, or newspapers

Hobby items, such as musical instruments, sports equipment, craft supplies, knitting/needlepoint supplies, or pocket knives

Rolling tobacco, smokeless tobacco, cigars, pipes, or already opened packs of cigarettes

Loose medication, non-prescription medication, vitamins, herbs, nutritional supplements, or prescription medication that isn’t in its original package

Many of these items are not permitted because it’s important to maintain a safe, drug-free, distraction-free environment at an addiction treatment center like Phoenix Recovery Center.  Other items, like food and bedding, will be provided to you at the facility.

Are you seeking a comfortable, safe drug and alcohol addiction rehab facility in Maryland?  Call Phoenix Recovery Center.
For some people, addiction has taken them to some dark and unfriendly places.  Recovery should happen in a bright, inviting space.  Our patients begin and end each day in a fresh, clean, warm room, ready to take another step forward on the road to recovery.

It is our mission to provide professional, caring treatment for both men and women suffering from drug and alcohol addiction in Maryland and the mid-Atlantic region.  We maintain a safe and clean facility, and have excellent, certified staff.  As a recovery center, we want to equip each and every one of our clients with the knowledge and support systems they need in order to get clean, stay sober, and live a joyful life, free from addiction.  We work with families to help stop the cycles of addiction and the enabling patterns which prevent their loved ones from finding sobriety.  We also establish aftercare for our patients upon completing treatment to help them continue down their path of sobriety.


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