• Community Room

    Community Room

    A majority of a client’s time is spent in the community room.  ...

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  • Gazebo


    Clients are given the opportunity for ample breaks and recreation time between groups.  The Gazebo is a favorite hang out...

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  • Individual Counseling Sessions

    Individual Counseling Sessions

    Group counseling is a primary source of recovery instruction, and is augmented with individual private counseling sessions. Counselors help clients...

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  • Dining Facility

    Dining Facility

    Nutrition is a vital piece of the recovery process. Clients receive three nutritionally balanced meals a day prepared on site,...

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  • Client bathroom

    Client bathroom

    Phoenix Recovery Centers  rooms each contain individual sinks with a toilet and shower which is shared with the adjoining suite....

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  • Client bed room

    Client bed room

    For some people, addiction has taken them to some dark and unfriendly places. Recovery begins when these distractions are removed....

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  • Client Intake Area

    Client Intake Area

    All incoming clients begin in the intake room where we handle all paperwork, medications and treatment plan. This is also...

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  • Phoenix Recovery Center Lobby

    Phoenix Recovery Center Lobby

    Patient security and safety is paramount to our recovery center. No one can gain entry through our doors without being...

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  • Exterior sign

    Exterior sign

    Street view of the Phoenix Recovery Center welcome sign....

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