Can I bring food with me to drug rehab in Maryland?

So you’ve made the commitment to enter a rehab facility in Maryland for your drug or alcohol addiction and now you’re on to the next challenge: packing for your stay.  Since most rehab programs last around 4 weeks, you’ll want to make sure you pack enough to sustain you during that time frame, but without overdoing it and of course while following the usual rules of rehab.  As part of the addiction recovery process, you will need to leave behind many of your negative patterns of behavior, while also leaving behind most of what you own.  Don’t worry—your stay is only temporary.  However, it’s important to give yourself wholeheartedly to the process in order to emerge successfully.

What about bringing food to rehab?
One question that we hear often at Phoenix Recovery Center in Edgewood, Maryland is, “Is it okay to bring snacks and other food with me to rehab?”  At our facility and many other rehab clinics in Maryland, no food or beverages of any kind are allowed into rehab.  The reason for this is twofold.  First, it would be very easy to sneak drugs into the facility through food products and we don’t want to jeopardize the recovery of you or your peers.  Second, we encourage proper nutrition to aid your recovery.Image of drug rehab in Maryland

Why is nutrition important to recovery?
Because your body is going to be working hard to regulate itself after months or years of abuse, it is going to need the best nutrients for healing.  Your body naturally craves vitamins and minerals to help it heal and give you the energy you need each day.  Addiction treatment is an opportunity for a positive, all-encompassing life change.  When you are eating well, your body and mind are able to thrive, helping you on your journey towards long-term recovery from addiction.  When you make one healthy choice for yourself, it can have a domino effect, propelling you towards making more and more healthy decisions that will greatly enhance the overall quality of your life.  Good nutrition is an important part of this process.  Here are some specific ways that good nutrition can help you heal from addiction:

Image of drug rehab in Maryland

Food high in antioxidants can allow your body to detox faster.

Your blood sugar can finally stabilize, bringing your body into a peaceful state that is free from the cycle of energy rushes and crashes.

Your liver can finally get a break from processing the toxins in unhealthy foods, allowing it to heal faster.

You can experience better sleep and less anxiety, due to the abundance of nutrients absorbed into your system.

At Phoenix Recovery Center, a drug rehab center in Maryland, we provide delicious meals every day.
During your stay, you won’t have to worry about preparing your own meals and trying to develop new, healthy habits all on your own.  Our clients enjoy three nutritionally-balanced meals that are prepared in our dining facility each day.  We want every person who walks through our doors to emerge happier, healthier, and ready to enjoy a long future that is free from addiction.


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